When Sorority Girls Become the Real Boys
I’m back….

Sorry, I know I haven’t been on tumblr in a while, but I’m back. I suppose I haven’t been annoyed enough in a while to post on here, but as the summer has began so have my new stories and adventures.

For the summer I’m working at another university that I hadn’t visited prior to actually moving here. I figured new start, new adventures. Of course I looked into their greek life community just to see what kind of atmosphere I was getting myself into. In terms of sororities there are only like 3 here, and I’m not familiar with those chapters. However, with fraternities they have a good amount here and we have a lot of the same chapters back at my normal university. Throughout the past few weeks of living here I have seen groups of fratstars walk by and such, but I didnt really feel like putting up with their bullshit quite yet. All of that changed until last night…

A couple of friends and I were at a bar just hanging out when a group of guys sit by our table. My fratstar tingly sense kicked in and I could tell immediately they were all in a frat, and I was able to easily guess that they were definitely in one of the typical alpha-male frats that I have come to love yet hate at my home school. Sure enough we got to talking and they told me they were in that chapter and it got to the point where they invited my group back to the house. Before I continue the story, I want to point out how fucking weird it was with how desperate they came off as initially. Literally within 5 minutes of being in the bar they made sure to talk to me and ask for my number. As flattering as that is, we all know true fratstars play hard to get because we all know girls want what they cant have. I wish I was able to articulate better why their presence at the bar was very strange, but it just was. 

So, we go back to their nasty ass frat house (oh how i’ve missed going in those humble abodes since school ended for summer). One of the guys and I were talking for most of the night; he has the same sense of humor/sarcasm as I do so we got along quite well. When we got to his place he asked who wanted a drink so I went back in the kitchen with him. It essentially turned into one of those really awkward moments where you’re in a small ass space and the guy is taller than you and looking at you and ends the conversation awkwardly and you end up kissing. I’m not saying I didnt want to, but it was just not the smoothest move I have seen. After we kissed I just picked up my drink and started walking back into the main room with everyone else, and he seemed quite confused that I was able just to walk away and act like nothing happened. Apparently this guy could not wrap his mind around the fact that unlike all the girls who go to this school, I dont give a fuck and I plan to use him as much as he would use me. It was as if he was expecting me to get all clingy or some shit over the fact that we kissed. So obviously as the night progressed, him and I sort of established that I was going to stay over for a bit, but I had to walk one of my friends back to her apartment. 

After I took her back, which was like a 5 minute walk from the house, he asked when I was coming back and I said I was on my way and he said okay. Literally when I got up to the frat house he told me to come back in an hour because he went back out again. Men: If a girl is willing to go back to your place after she walked a friend back DONT MAKE HER WAIT A FUCKING HOUR. ITS BULLSHIT. He also requested that I send “dirty pictures” in the mean time, but I’m not a dumbass and dont do that shit. It all eventually worked out where I got back to his place and we fooled around, etc. I will get back to his issues in bed later. After all was said and done, he told me he has a rule that he wont let any girl sleep in his bed/stay over for the night so I’d have to go back to my apartment. FUCK THAT SHIT. This kid still didn’t fucking get that I am not the type of girl who wants a relationship. I am using him as much as he is using me, if not more. I told him to go fuck himself and that I was going to stay there for the night. I’m curious as to how fucking clingy the girls are at this school if the guys are so freaked out about letting a girl sleep over; that’s pretty bad. Overall I guess we will see how this pans out during the summer, I would like to have a definite slampiece while I’m here, but obviously I plan on meeting other fratstars while I’m here.

So, as promised, here are my issues with what he did in bed:

I truly thought that maybe the guys here are a little better with their ability to please a girl. I was wrong. Apparently at this school guys also use their fingers as weapons to stab my girly parts. Penis stabbing girly parts=awesome, fingers stabbing=NOT AWESOME. Guys, if you are “fingering” (aka stabbing a girl) and she is moaning, those are not sounds of pleasure, they are sounds of pain. My crouch is still healing from the torture it went through last night. 
However, in other departments this particular fratstar didn’t do too bad. HE DID NOT WEAR SOCKS! I dont think you understand how fucking happy this made me, I cannot stand to look at another guy butt naked except wearing only socks. Besides his inability to use his fingers properly, the only other issue I had with him is just the fact that he was paranoid as fuck about me being clingy.

Sorry for the long update, but I’ll keep you guys posted on more summer adventures. And as always, please submit stories or rants of your own! 

A Rant on Freshman Idiots.-submitted by megzzy

I don’t know what it is but I always attract younger guys, specifically freshman. This being college, the age difference isn’t an issue, its the maturity level. And of all the freshman boys, the ones who are pledging a frat are the worst. They think they are the shit and the sun shines out their ass. WRONG. Being a junior, I am so over this ego thing and when I see them start pretending they ‘don’t care’ about me when I know they do, I cut them out. Quickly. I’m not playing that stupid game. Dude, you’re a FRESHMAN. You are beneath me, don’t think I don’t know your little tricks. I’ve been in college for 2 years longer than you. I know how you work. Feel lucky I gave you my attention for however long our ‘relationship’ lasted. Oh and you’re in a fraternity, no one cares about this when you graduate and are in the real world. Idiots.


"Athlete" My Ass.

So for the past few months, I’ve had sort of a “thing” with a Division 1 Athlete, “Dave”, at my school. We live near each other, so we usually interact, and there is usually intense sexual tension between us. One night in October I slept over in his room, but nothing more really happened beyond some kissing/cuddling. For about two weeks after that, he kept acting strange around me, but I said fuck it and just ignored it. From then on we never mentioned what had happened, until last night.

Last night my roommates and I decided to celebrate sunday night and opened a bottle of rum. “Dave” and his roommates also decided to have some fun last night too, so all of us were drunkingly going in and out of eachother’s rooms. So of course, early into the night we did our typical “play wrestling” stuff. I really can’t tell you what happened for most of the night, I recall him and I snuggling in my bed a couple of times throughout the night.  So finally, him and I finally got the room to ourselves. This is what I had been waiting for so long. Things got more heated, clothing came off, etc. When the time came actually came, HE COULDNT GET HARD. I gave him the benefit of the doubt initially, and tried “helping him out” (if you get what I mean). He kept reassuring me that he could do it…I can not even count the number of times we tried. Biggest disappointment of my life. 

Evidence that boys are girls
This is an actual text conversation I had with one of my guy friends in a fraternity about their New Years Eve celebration at the house. A lot of boys getting together for New Year's Eve apparently makes them all into high school girls forming cliches.
"Matt": "Adam's" friends had to stay over. I didn't like not one of them lmao we formed clicks within 2 days.
Me: You guys are such girls
"Matt": They were so annoying lol they even blocked me in the driveway for hours and wouldnt pick up their phones hahah
I LOVE THIS BLOG. being a fellow sorority girl, i appreciate this.

thanks! it’s always nice to have support and know you’re not the only one thinking these things

if you ever need a place to rant, you know where to submit it

Two major pet peeves

So in the past few months, I have repeatedly found myself in situations with my two most hated pet peeves:

1. Cheesy/typical lines used to hook up with someone

  • Okay, yeah I get it, someone needs to say something to get the action actually happening. However I don’t get what guys think we are so dumb and oblivious. Girls know when you are “trying to set the mood” and when you are setting up a situation to hook up with someone. My most favorite recent occurrence regarding this is my recent “reconnection” with a fling from high school; the most funny part about the whole thing is that he used exactly the same set up from high school. Let me take you back to senior year of high school when I went over to his house for the first time: He was laying down on his bed watching TV and invited me to sit next to him, I knew something was going to happen between us that afternoon, I just never knew how cheesy it would come off. Of course, he hands me the remote to see what I want to watch, and after I start flipping through the channels he says: “You know what….I really don’t want to watch TV” and then essentially pounced on me. At the time, I let it fly because I figured we were in high school, and he had no idea what he was doing. However, when I went over to his place earlier this week, I was interested to see how he’d initiate any form of “hooking up”. Between the last two years of having last seen him, he begin attending a large state school and joined a huge fraternity there as well, I had figured he had to have picked up his game some. After some awkward 15 minutes of talking/catching up he decides we should hang out in his room and watch TV there (even though we were just watching TV in the other room…not so smooth nor inconspicuous there buddy). And what do you know, HE PULLS THE EXACT SAME LINE ON ME AS HE DID TWO YEARS AGO. I really don’t get why guys come up with these plots in order to make a move on girls. I can understand in some regard it comes from nerves, but things are just better if you just deal with your fears and go for it. You will only make yourself look like an asshole if you pull a dumb/cliche line at us or if you plot a scenario to make it happen. Girls are not dumb, we know what you are up to.

2. When guys wear socks when fooling around

  • I know this is sort of a picky complaint, but one of the things that freaks me out every time is whenever a guy is still wearing his socks despite the fact that the rest of him is completely nude. I can see how socks are definitely on the bottom in terms of priority as the shirt, pants, and boxers are taken off first, but I can never look at a guy seriously again after I see him get out of bed in the nude but still wearing socks. At first I thought this only bothered me due to my aversion to feet, but after talking with some of my friends, I realized this bothers a majority of girls. When guys are only wearing socks, I feel like they resemble little boys. I know that sounds creepy, trust me, but there is just something that strikes me as immature about wearing socks in bed. I beg all guys to please try to come up with a way to take off your socks before you get down to business. You may not think it’s a big deal, but trust me, girls will never look at you the same. 

So I’ve gotten some feedback regarding the issue of communication after any sort of sexual encounter, and I wanted to go further in depth with my opinions on it. Previously I had mentioned my distaste for staying as well as for when guys ask me to stay longer. However, it seems as though I have not been clear as to what kind of sexual encounter I was discussing. Most of the types of relationships that I plan to discuss on this blog are those that are purely physical/superficial. Obviously if I really liked a guy or was interested in getting to know him better, I would stay over. But for the sake of this blog, I am talking about the types of guys I meet at parties that I get together with just because we are both attracted to one another, i.e the types of guys who make it a game of sleeping with girls. 

Obviously this blog does not apply to situations that go deeper than a typical “friends with benefits” situation.

My main issue is with people who try to make something deeper than it actually is. If a relationship has been established as just a physical one, either party should not try to build it up to something more than it isn’t.  

Why do you have sex if it's not pleasurable

It’s not that the sex isn’t pleasurable, it’s the foreplay that is usually not pleasurable. I mean, I have had both really great and really unfortunate sex, I just feel like men don’t know what they’re doing down there. I always try to expect the best of people, hoping that they wont be bad. I keep having sex in the hopes that one day I’ll be with a guy who knows what they’re doing. 


I just wanted to make the statement that just because you are in a sorority does not make you promiscuous, or rather a “sorostitute.” 

Just because I personally engage in sexual activities does not mean most sorority girls do. 

There are promiscuous college students everywhere, they don’t all flock to the greek system, and not all people in the greek system are promiscuous.  

Some girls share my opinions/views expressed on this blog, and others do not; I respect that.

This blog is merely just a way of expressing my own thoughts and experiences. 

And So It All Begins…

So, this blog is a result of all of my observations/aggravations that have come with being female (in a sorority) attending a large (30,000+ students) university. To start off things, let’s go through a few points:

1) Not all girls immediately want/look for a relationship from guys.

  • Although a lot of girls are very much concentrated on relationships, most girls in college are not. Just like guys, we want to have fun. I mean sure, relationships can come out of feelings and what not, but for the most part, a girl is after exactly what you are after. For example, today a past fling asked me if I “wanted to go to lunch”, and suggested that I come to his house first to figure stuff out. Come on, we both knew what I was coming over for. And sure enough, we did what we wanted and I left. In fact, I wanted to leave while he still wanted me to stay a while. This leads me to my next point…

2) Most guys have now developed feelings, MAKING THEM GIRLS

  • Basically, the most peculiar role reversal has occurred. As girls have gotten rid of their feelings/want of commitment, boys have gained them. Most guys that I have had a serious conversation with since arriving at college have rambled on about how some girl broke their heart blah blah blah. GET OVER IT, shit happens. It’s gotten to the point where guys have been more into cuddling than I am. If a girl goes back to your room during/after a party and does whatever with you, she most likely wants to get the fuck out of there afterwards. Guys have tried to convince me to stay 10 minutes afterwards as I try to peace the fuck out. They were legitimately upset that I was leaving and it’s like: Really? Are we gonna wake up tomorrow and what do you think is going to happen. An awkward goodbye. maybe morning sex too. MAYBE. so really, whats the point?
  • This will remain one of the bigger themes in this blog, more ramblings to come. 

3) Girls fake pleasure more than you could ever guess

  • So guys, most girls that you have been with probably haven’t wanted to break it to you, but you cannot pleasure us AT ALL. In fact, we fake the moaning/heavy breathing just so you can stop what you are doing. We would all appreciate if you would please stop stabbing our genitalia. If we wanted you to stab it, we would ask you to use your penis. Your fingers are not meant to do the job of your dick. I cannot tell you how many times I have just not even wanted a guy down there due to fear of pain his fingers will induce (I am sorry that got a little graphic, my apologies). What is bullshit is that guys always call us out when we are doing things wrong, well fuck you. 

4) Girls are upfront about what they want, guys are not

  • This sort of goes back to point number one, girls aren’t dumb, we know what a booty call is. By accepting a booty call, we give up the right to expect anything more from you emotionally.  However, I don’t get why you guys confuse the difference between a booty call and a date. For example, the guy I had been texting last spring/summer invited me over. We had sex (nothing too surprising there), then he offered to buy me dinner. Why?! We both already got what we wanted, just let me be on my fucking way.Oh, and then he texted me three weeks later just to see how I was doing. Why the fuck do you care? WE ARE NOT FRIENDS.

These are just some of the things that I have felt need to be noted. I invite all girls who experience these sort of issues to please submit stories to the blog. I also invite guys to send a rebuttal to these ideas; bring it. 

Until next time, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do….